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History of the Delaware Valley Chapter

The Philadelphia Radiological Physicists was formed on February 28, 1952, by      

  • John Hale and Robert Gorson of University Hospital      

  • S. Reid Warren, Jr. and Ferdinand Werner of the University of Pennsylvania      

  • James Bierly of Jefferson and Pennsylvania Hospitals      

  • George Henney of Temple Hospital      

  • James Weatherwax and Theodore Miles of Oncologic Hospital      

  • Theodore Sopp of Philadelphia General, Hahnemann, and Jewish Hospitals.

During the meeting, the founding members elected leadership and formed committees with specific oversight goals. It was decided that the society would meet on the last Thursday of every month. The first official meeting was held on March 27, 1952. The members would discuss interhospital problems and the future directions of the group. The Philadelphia Radiological Physicists assimilated into the American Association of Physicists in Medicine when the organization was formed in 1958. 

* Information obtained from the Philadelphia Radiological Physicists meeting minutes

AAPM Fellows

  • Stephen M. Avery

  • Predrag Bakic

  • Karen Brown

  • David J. Carlson

  • Lili Chen

  • James Chu

  • Indra J. Das

  • Jaydev K. Dave

  • Lei Dong

  • James M. Galvin

  • Benjamin M. Galkin

  • Eric L. Gingold

  • Robert O. Gorson

  • Jimm Grimm

  • John Hale

  • Amy S. Harrison

  • M. Saiful Huq

  • Shidong Li

  • David A. Lightfoot

  • Dimitris N. Mihailidis

  • Mary E. Moore

  • Firas Mourtada

  • Chang Ming Charlie Ma

  • Andrew D. Maidment

  • Richard L. Maughan

  • Joseph Och

  • Robert A. Price

  • Sujatha Pai

  • Alfred R. Smith

  • Timothy D. Solberg

  • Cheng B. Saw

  • Rene J. Smith

  • Leonard Stanton

  • Nagalingam Suntharalingam

  • Yevgeniy Vinogradskiy

  • Lu Wang

  • D. John Wright

  • Andrew Wu

  • Ying Xiao

  • Yan Yu

  • Timothy Zhu

  • Xiaowei Zhu

AAPM Award Winners

Coolidge Award

     1992 - Nagalingam Suntharalingam

     1996 - Leonard Stanton

     1998 - Bengt D. Bjangard

Achievement in Medical Physics

     1997 - Robert O. Gorson

     1998 - John Hale

     2008 - James M. Galvin

Farrington Daniels Award

     1992 - M. Saiful Huq

     1994 - Harold Perara

National Hosts

The Delaware Valley Chapter played host to the Annual AAPM Meeting in Philadelphia in 1972, 1996, and 2010. 

Of note, the 1972 meeting was the first AAPM meeting to have an exhibit hall. Twenty vendors displayed their goods.

Map of Delaware Valley
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