As announced at the Fall Symposium, the DVC is once again organizing a MedPhys Slam event, which will take place on the same night and directly following the Young Investigator Symposium on March 21, 2019. Congratulations to last year's winner and DVC representative at the 2018 AAPM final competition, Cara Esposito! 

MedPhys Slam is a research communication competition in which participants (including student, resident, and junior AAPM members) prepare a three-minute presentation aimed at sharing the significance of their science to a general audience in a compelling yet understandable manner. Participants will be judged on three equally weighted categories: comprehension/content, communication, and engagement. Not only will this be of interest to those within medical physics, it can also be expanded as an AAPM media initiative aimed at communicating what we do to the public. These three-minute presentations are a very fun and educational way to practice presenting research to a non-physicist audience. 


The winner of the DVC MedPhys Slam event will be invited as the DVC representative to compete at the 2019 AAPM Annual Meeting's final MedPhys Slam competition for a monetary prize ($500!!). No prize money will be awarded at the individual chapter event. Please refer to the links below for further details about the competition, rules, judging criteria, and a link to last year's final competition for reference. The DVC MedPhys Slam event will follow the same rules, presentation format, and judging criteria as the final event (however, it will not be recorded).


If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please reach out Michael Trager at

2019 MedPhys Slam Event Summary

2019 MedPhys Slam Rules

2019 MedPhys Slam Judging Criteria