Below please find an important  proposed regulation impacting medical physicists from the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services/Radiation Control that has been released for comment. Your comments are critical to ensuring that our voice is heard. Please use the attached form to record your comments. This greatly facilitates compilation of comments on our end and addressing comments on the recipient’s end.


Requestor: Delaware Department of Health and Social Services/Radiation Control


Lead committee: GRAC


Lead committee chair: Bette Blankenship (GRAC) 


Due date: Tuesday, November 19, Noon Eastern time: 


Send to: Richard Martin, Bette Blankenship


The proposed rule of the Department of Health and Social Services would amend regulations under 16 DAC 4465 to revise requirements for health physicists and medical physicists seeking to register as radiation services providers. The rule also would add requirements for use of high-energy radiation machines to perform industrial radiography. In addition, the rule would clarify circumstances under which radiation service providers may be cited for violations of requirements for application, service delivery, or failure to report certain information to clients. Our comments must be submitted to the Delaware agency no later than Dec. 2, 2019. 


See proposed regulations at